Privacy, Shipping & Returns Policy

Purchase Transactions

Transactions made via the “Proceed to checkout” button are handled by WooCommerce. And WooCommerce uses Stripe for the actual payment transaction.

Transactions made via the PayPal or Venmo buttons are handled by PayPal.

Billy Reynolds only receives or sees your name, email address, and shipping address for any transaction. He does not receive or see any payment transaction details.

Billy will keep your name, email address, and shipping address strictly confidential, and will not share it or sell it to any other person or entity.


Billy Reynolds will ship your package via United Parcel Service (UPS), or United States Postal Service (USPS), whichever is best for your particular package.

Allow for 3 days to pack, and 4 days to ship.

Billy will email you a tracking number so that you know when and how your package will arrive.


If for any reason you choose to return your purchased art piece, you will be refunded the full cost of purchase price, but you will need to pay your own return shipping and packing costs to return the art piece back to Billy Reynolds. The art piece needs to be returned in its original condition for this full refund. You have 30 days from receiving your package to return the art piece for a full refund. After 30 days from the date that you receive your purchased item, no refunds will be given. The date you ship the returned item back needs to be no more than 30 days from when you received the package.

Damaged in Shipping

Any damages to any art pieces due to shipping negligence will be either cause for a reduced price or full refund of the purchase price and the shipping cost, depending on if the damage results in minor damage or total loss. Photos of the damage need to be emailed to Billy Reynolds within 10 days of you receiving your package, and emailed to If a minor damage, 20% of the original purchase price will be refunded to you. If the damage is a total loss, Billy needs to see a photo of the art piece torn up beyond repair so that Billy knows that it’s a total loss.

Typographic Errors

Billy Reynolds is not responsible for typographic errors on this website. Once any errors are caught, they will be fixed as soon as possible.

All Offers Subject to Change

All offers, prices, costs, shipping costs, packing costs, and length of time it takes for order fulfillment or delivery, are all subject to change without prior notice.

The above information is in effect beginning November 15, 2021.